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Superman e-cigarette vape e-liquid

Taste experience: open the smoke will smell the faint smell of blueberry blueberry juice, the fresh taste of the impact of the taste buds. The fresh blueberry flavor enters the mouth, the taste is full and heavy, the blueberry tastes a little Mint in the cool. The cool blueberry smells a sore throat, cold and not exciting. Exhaled smoke, the mouth of the taste of the light blueberry pure taste, not greasy at all, to keep the pure taste of blueberry taste endless

Comment: the annotation of blueberry flavor is excellent, blueberry is thick and clear, and the slight coolness will not destroy the blueberry taste.

Taste experience: the menthol at the entrance will slowly become cold. The blueberry taste is open in the throat position, it is obvious but not too strong, and the oral level is full. Exhaled smoke, strong blueberries and strong peppermint taste in the mouth. The more the back, the mint feeling was adapted to the mouth and began to weaken. The fruit aroma of blueberry accumulated with the time and again in the oral cavity, and gradually became more and more forward and strong.

Comments: for the summer hot weather the smoke, cold feeling swept the whole body, blueberry flavor in taste buds in the ultimate experience

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